When you are executing your project – whether a multi-family home or a high-end individual villa – one thing you don’t want to go wrong is cabinetry procurement. Predictable delivery times and quality standards is something that is non-negotiable.

At Sujako, we understand this. That’s why we focus such a lot on our infrastructural efficiency. Over the years, we have evolved with regards to machinery, equipment, and procedures, so that you can benefit from the finest furniture solutions in the shortest possible time.

About Us

The Raw Material

We believe in sustainable living that reduces the damage that humans cause to the environment in the run of exploiting for lifestyle. Apparently, while we use quality raw material from the best sources, we also take care to use a lot of recycled product, especially for fillings. We insist on using engineered wood in place of solid wood, so as to bring down carbon footprint by a bit Our waste disposal systems stay in tandem with the best environmental practices, always.

The Workshop

Our manufacturing units are based at Odhav in Ahmedabad and occupy a stretch of 40,000 sq ft. We employ a skilled workforce on our factory grounds. Years of experience, a rich taste of furniture designs and a sense of ergonomics define the caliber of our workshop artisans.

About Us

Value for You

Our commitment to infrastructural excellence ensures you the best quality furniture solution, keeping in mind, your space and budget requirements, within the shortest possible time frame. All our furniture modules are manufactured with such quality-consciousness, that we can safely guarantee you maintenance free furniture for years together.

The Machinery

Everything, starting with planning a particular solution for a specific client, to chiseling out world-class furniture range, all our processes are necessarily automated. We flaunt 100% in-house production, utilizing CNC based machinery from European nations.
All our testing procedures meet IS and DGS&D guidelines.


Machine Make Qty
HOMAG – Holzma HPP 250 1
HOMAG – Holzma HPM 120 1


Machine Make Qty
Altendorf WA8/C70/F45 4
Felder 1


Machine Make Qty
HOMAG – Weeke Optimat PTP160 1


Machine Make Qty
HOMAG – Brandt thoughfeed 3
VITAP – curvilinear manual 1
VITAP – Ventura automatic curvilinear 1


Machine Make Qty
HOMAG NB-65 triple axle drilling and boring 2


Machine Make Qty
LAZZARI – hot press 1
JAI Modula – cold press 1
TAM Modular – cold press 1

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