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High quality frameless cabinets for your projects

SUJAKO Cabinetry solutions are standardized and custom made European style frameless kitchen cabinets for multi-family home projects and our distribution network.

SUJAKO Group, founded in 1977, is one of the leading manufacturers of modular furniture with footprints in the USA and India. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing facilities in India using German technology, our customers are guaranteed accuracy, reliability, and timely deliveries. Our team of furniture designers, production designers, and technicians are trained to generate solutions that lasts for a lifetime!


Straight, Forward.


Earthy, Yet Modern.

Alla Moda

Soothing. Smooth.


Class Apart.

Kitchen Finishes

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Our commitment to infrastructural excellence ensures you the best quality furniture solution.


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World class cabinetry for your projects – End to end solutions from design, construction, assembly, & installation