Kitchen Types

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Straight, Forward.

  • Best suited for: smaller spaces
  • Maximizes storage space
  • Combination of maximum two colors
    • Black & White
    • Wood & Grey
    • Beige & Bold
  • Combines Matt & Gloss
  • One optional highlighting element
  • Traditional countertops

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Earthy, Yet Modern.

  • Best suited for: higher ceiling height, open kitchens with island.
  • Raw, industrial, & open look.
  • Goes best with metallic finishes & contrasting metal elements.
  • Profile handles or Handle-less.
  • Dado plays a crucial role.
  • Sleek countertops.

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Alla Moda

Soothing. Smooth.

  • Best suited for: all types of kitchen but preferable with higher ceiling height & islands.
  • Sophisticated & elegant look.
  • Monolithic - Single, silent color & a smooth finish.
  • Handle-less.
  • Highlights your lifestyle and not a kitchen!
  • Automation & high-end appliances.

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Class Apart.

  • Best suited for: all types of kitchen with overall classical theme.
  • Variants:
    • Neo-classical: Matt PU shutters with straight lines
    • Classical: Wooden finish shutters with some curves
  • Countertop: natural stone such as Italian, Omani, or Brazilian marble, granite, etc.
  • Dado: Moroccan or other thematic tiles.
  • Choice of classical handles.
  • Additional customized elements such as Chimney cover, matching the theme.

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